Maintaining Switchgear:
INDIPARD, a low-cost measuring device for partial discharge monitoring
  IDP 16 evalution unit  
  • Online monitoring, supervision and diagnosis of partial discharges
  • Alarm given when limit value exceeded
  • Available partial discharge sensors:
    - CapEye-amplifier for using capacitive coupling electrodes or
    - combined capacitive voltage dectecting system with build in CapEye-amplifier
  • Up to 8 PD sensors per evaluation unit
  • Self-monitoring with alarm in the event of failure
  • Designed as an industrial measuring instrument for continuous use
  • Compact design and practically orientated installation system
  • Optional partial discharge diagnostics via PC interface
  • Low in cost and simple to use
  Download (PDF-Files):  
  Productinformation: "INDIPARD tracks down insulation damages"  
  Datasheet: Indipard Evaluation Unit IDP16 (until 12/2011)  
  Datasheet: Indipard Evaluation Unit IDP16B (since 01/2012)  
  Datasheet: Indipard TE-Sensors IDPS  
  Overview: CapEye-Interface  
  Update: 28.03.2012  
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